Speaker Bios : General session – regulatory costs

Paul Zajicek

Paul Zajicek is the Executive Director of the National Aquaculture Association. The NAA was formed by commercial aquaculturists in 1991 to advocate for US aquaculture and provide science-based information describing US aquaculture to the public. Mr. Zajicek served with Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services for 27 years in marketing and promotion and regulatory roles culminating in managing Florida’s “one-stop shop” for aquaculture regulation. He was a longtime NAA member and joined the NAA staff on a full-time basis in November 2014.

Charles Clark

Charles Clark is a Laboratory & Research Specialist at the Virginia Seafood Agriculture Research
Extension Center. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maine School of
Marine Sciences. After graduating, Charles was employed at Fishers
Island Oyster Farm on Fishers Island, NY. There, he gained hands-on experience in cultivating seed and marketable oysters that were sold various farms, restaurants, and households within the United States. Despite the cold winters, Charles’ passion for shellfish aquaculture grew greater and brought him to the Virginia Seafood Agriculture Research Extension Center. With this new position, Charles hopes to contribute to the improvement of the US East Coast aquaculture industry, while expanding his knowledge of aquaculture.

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